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2022 has arrived and so have the new design trends.  The pandemic has brought so much change to the way we live and use our homes.  Being stuck inside has caused many of us to look closely at our home and inspired us make to the most of our space.  Homes have become a place of work, education, rest, and entertainment.  This means that we are utilizing our spaces more than ever before and finding ways to make our homes more enjoyable.  The changes that the pandemic have brought may be the reason for some of these 2022 design trends.  


Minimalism is becoming more common in recent years, and it will continue to be on-trend this year.   Minimalism has been brought on by the need to declutter and purge belongings to gain extra space in the home.  This trend is said to bring peace and reduce stress since decluttering can be therapeutic.  Having to work, study, and spend most of our time at home may be the reason that this trend has recently become more popular.  This year, people will be getting more organized, and homes will have an increasingly minimalistic design.  

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Natural Materials 

The use of natural materials is expected to increase significantly in 2022.  Natural materials have started to become more popular in the last few years with exposed beams, floating shelves, stone décor, and other design choices gaining recognition.  Natural materials like wood, stone, linen, and rattan bring warmth and coziness into the home.  They are also very grounding and contrast the technology in the home, bringing balance to the space.  

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Light Colored Floors 

Light-colored hardwood floors are expected to be trendy in 2022.  Like how people choose light-colored wall paint to make a space feel larger, light-colored floors can also make a space feel more open.  Light floors also reflect light nicely, allowing natural light coming in from the windows to travel around the room.  Hardwood floors are also a great way to incorporate natural elements into the home.   

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Black Accents 

A beautiful contrast to natural elements like wood is black.  Black accents are expected to be very common this year in home décor.  Black will likely be a popular colour for lighting, furniture, wall paint, and kitchen appliances this year.  Black stainless-steel appliances are gaining popularity and we can expect to see them in many homes this year.  

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Emerald Green 

Etsy revealed their top 2022 trends and their colour of the year is emerald green.  This shade of green symbolizes harmony, growth, and refinement; all that 2022 hopefully brings.  We can expect to see this colour in trendy home décor and design.   

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Statement Lighting 

The lighting of 2022 is sure to catch your eye.  Statement lighting will be another design trend this year, with people adding fixtures that double as artwork to their homes.  Standout lighting that reflects the style of the homeowner is sure to be a strong trend this year.  

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There you have it!  Six design trends that you will see this year.  Hopefully, you’ve been able to find some inspiration for your home design and renovations.   

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