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A kitchen is so much more than just a kitchen.

Everyone remembers granny’s famous cookies still warm from the oven, how much time do you remember spending in the kitchen waiting for the whole process to unfold, resulting in the most delicious childhood memories.

On average, a person can spend upwards of 3 hours a day in the kitchen. Not count the extra hours you might spend in the kitchen if you consider cooking to be a passion or you enjoy entertaining.

So, what is a kitchen to you?  I ask this question while remembering back to pasta night, some Sinatra playing in the background, dancing with my spouse and letting the evening be full of relaxing moments and memories to cherish.

Or how about the place where you teach the kids how to bake those classic family recipes, help them with those complex math problems during homework time or even just sitting down to be creative and doodle, draw or colour the night away.

A kitchen is more than a food prep area, it serves as an extension of who you are. Think back to thanksgiving dinner the family is around the table, exchanging conversation and laughter for hours on end.

Does that make the kitchen the heart of house?

Let’s break it down real quick, if we spend approximately 3 hours a day in the kitchen, how much time does that end up being per year? 

3 hours a day over 365 days comes out to 1,095 hours per year!

That’s over 45 days per year the average person spends in the kitchen.

Does this number seem a little low perhaps? Well it might, there’s a whole variety of extra time that hasn’t been included. Things like:

  • Fall time canning and preserves
  • Having friends over for coffee
  • Baking for school or family events
  • Our least fav kitchen activity, cleaning it
  • Those late night snacks

Our kitchens not only bring us together but they are also the most valuable room in the home. Renovating your kitchen is something every homeowner should consider. 

We spend a third of our day sleeping and almost a sixth of our day in our around the kitchen. It’s a room in the house that really deserves some proper attention. The team at Ascend can help turn your kitchen in to a room to be proud of. A room you are excited to spend time in, whether it’s homework or baking, or just plain eating dinner with the family.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Let it look incredible, be welcoming and incredibly useful. Let it Ascend.

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