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Before undergoing a luxury home renovation, it’s important to do enough research before hand to know what you’re getting into. No matter how much you prepare though, renovations can be an intimidating task and you may ask yourself… where do I start? Do I renovate side rooms first so I can keep living in the main areas, or do I start with the main rooms to get them over with?

First and foremost, you should talk to the professional who will be doing the renovations. They should know the timeline, budget, and rooms that you are planning to renovate. Contractors can give insights on where they think it is best to start. Here’s the general recommended order to renovate rooms, but remember that the order is dependent on priorities and layout, so it may remain flexible:

1. Kitchens

Usually, the kitchen is the highest priority room for renovations. Due to budget and timeline restrictions, you may want to start with the most important room first so that you don’t run out of resources. The kitchen is also normally where the bulk of renovations take place, so once it is done, you can go back to living comfortably while the other work is being done.

2. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are normally the second highest priority because of the intense mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work that needs to take place. Using the bulk of the time and money on the bathrooms and kitchens will drastically transform your home. You will also be thankful to get these over with so that you still have a shower and toilet to use while contractors work on the rest of your home.

3. Living Rooms

Next on the priority list is the living room! During the bulk of the renovations, you can remain here for a central gathering place. This is also normally a main connecting room, so getting this done can help bring a whole space together.

4. Bedrooms

Last, but not least… you should tackle the bedrooms at the end of your renovations. Living in a house with renovations happening can be stressful, and its important to have a consistent and comfortable space to rest during the process.

This list is subject to change depending on the renovation and house type, but it can be used as a good starting point. Always remember to start with the foundational changes first, then move onto the surface level or aesthetic changes afterwards. Luckily, professionals will know how to assess a situation and determine the best order to do home renovations in. Communicate with your contractor to discover how to produce the best possible final product!

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