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Mother’s Day is around the corner. Give mom a gift that will keep on giving, year after year.

Renovate her favourite spaces to make her feel more at home than ever.

During a time we spend more time at home than ever.

Let's talk about Mom

Mom is always there. She’s the guide-stone, the support network, the love factory and the one person you can always count on to have your back.

The question always comes up, what to get the Mom that has everything?

In lieu of buying Mom a gift that will seldom be used, these kitchen remodeling ideas can be adapted to any budget, taste, and experience level.
  1. Remodel the cabinets. …
  2. Modernize the countertops. …
  3. Install a backsplash. …
  4. Improve storage space. …
  5. Install a countertop. …
  6. Paint the faucets. …
  7. Lay a new floor. …
  8. Make over a mirror.

Ascend can help you take the remodelling idea’s to the next level. With our professional design team, we can make any and all of Mom’s dreams come to life.

Book some time with one of our specialists today and get started on the remodel Mom has always dreamed of.

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The Kitchen

Memories are made in Kitchens. Not just for Mom, but for the whole family.

Long gone are the days that Mom spends all of her time in the kitchen preparing food for the family, welcomed are the days when the whole family can enjoy the time together making meals and memories.

Adding an island, upgrading the countertops and cupboards and refitting the kitchen with new appliances are great ways to show Mom you care while improving the home for the whole family!

Let's Talk Kitchen's

Kitchen’s aren’t the only way to give back to Mom. Turning a bathroom to a spa…


The Bathroom turned Spa

Where does Mom unwind?

Have you ever heard Mom say she’d love 5 minutes of peace?

What if you could give her a space to call a spa and put it in her home?

Well, you can, and Ascend can help bring the spa to your home.

Let's Talk Home Spa's

The idea’s for Mom are as endless as her love.

Making living space more comfortable, finishing the basement or opening up your main floor, removing walls to get that open concept Mom has always dreamed of.

We’re a click away, or a phone call if that’s what you prefer.

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