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Protecting the Brand

Through steady action and consistent application, the Ascend Builders brand will continue to gain brand equity. This page outlines the brand, if you are a designer visiting this page, please use the brand styleguide provided to ensure you stay on point with the Ascend brand structure.

Download what you need here, the whole package; or maybe you just need the brand style guide or the logo.


Artwork will be either the Logo, the Icon Only or the Type Only.

Primary Color refers to the “Ascend” type and the color of the icon; Orange (O), Black (B), Grey (G), or White (W)

Secondary Color refers to the “Builders” type; Orange (O), Black (B), Grey (G), or White (W)

Layout refers to Stacking of the logo;Vertically Stacked (V), Horizontally Stacked (H) or 1-Line (1).

The filetypes exported are JPG, Transparent PNG and Vector PDF.

If you require another filetype, please request it. The PDF can be opened in any vector software and often exported to any filetype (EPS, AI, PSD, ETC) you require.

We're working in your neighborhood 1 pager

Presentation Folder

BiFold (8.5" x 11" folded size)