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Finding the right contractor to help with your renovation or home improvements is an important first step for any project.  Once you find the right one, it’s useful to stick with them for all the projects you take on.  That’s where an all-in-one contractor comes in handy.

Reliability and Experience

Finding professional help is often challenging.  Once you find the help, you must trust someone you don’t know to do a good job and show up when they are supposed to.  Whether it’s a designer, electrician, or cabinetmaker you need, Ascend Builders has connections that they know are skilled and trustworthy.  Ascend Builders uses a list of eleven criteria when choosing partners to ensure they withhold the quality of service that Ascend guarantees.  Contractors have experience and wisdom from past projects that allow them to build a list of partners that they can rely on to get your projects done right.


If issues occur, it can be hard to pinpoint who exactly is responsible.  Once you can find out who makes a mistake, you are then tasked with chasing that person down to get them back to fix it. Depending on the availability of that person, your timeline can be greatly affected by these issues.  When you hire an all-in-one contractor, they are accountable for your project from start to finish.  If there are any issues with the project, they are responsible for getting it fixed and taking full accountabilities for all issues.  With a comprehensive list of partners, they have the resources to have problems fixed quickly without severely impacting the timeline.

A Simplified Process

Some of the most challenging parts of renovation and home improvement projects are scheduling, organizing, and communicating with all the professionals involved.  It is important to understand what order tasks need to be done and how long they will take to keep an efficient timeline.  All-in-one contractors offer a single point of communication and take over all the scheduling and organization duties.  Renovation companies take the weight off your shoulders and create a simplified process where you can be as involved or uninvolved as you’d like.


With an all-in-one contractor, you are usually offered a warranty on the entire project.  When you take on home improvement projects yourself, you are not offered the luxury of a warranty.  If the work is not done well, you risk losing the time and money you invested into your project. With a contractor, if they offer a warranty and something is not up to standard, they are responsible for fixing it.  Ascend Builders offers a warranty on every project with a 1-year warranty on all products installed and a 2-year warranty on all workmanship.  With all-in-one contractors, their job isn’t done when the project is complete.  They continue to make sure you’re satisfied even after the work is done.

The benefits are endless with an all-in-one contractor. Hiring a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable company to take on your renovation and home improvement projects is well worth the investment. With the right help, you can have peace of mind that the job will be done right the first time around and if anything goes wrong, you are protected by the contractor’s warranty. Ascend Builders has everything you need to tackle your renovation and home improvement projects.  Contact us today to get the benefits of an all-in-one contractor.

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