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Hiring a contractor is vital to achieve your dream renovation vision, but collaboration between clients and contractors can determine how smoothly the work process goes. Understanding the basics of renovations before undergoing one may make for a more supporting and accommodating environment with your contractor. To make the process easier, here are five things that your contractor wants YOU to know, as a homeowner.

1. Trust their expertise.

No one likes a micromanager, and telling the experts how to do their jobs slows down the process. Trusting your contractor is the most important part of home renovations. On top of that, make sure to treat the workers with respect and kindness, even though you are paying them. A good relationship between a contractor and a client goes a long way and benefits both parties involved.

2. Have a plan.

It is the contractor’s job to execute your dream vision into your home, but it is your responsibility to know what that vision looks like. Not having a plan set in stone for what you want done can be a contractor’s nightmare, especially if the plan keeps changing. Obtain your permits, prepare the area, and have a set plan and budget for your renovation before the construction begins.

3. Know your limits.

Common mistakes that homeowners make during renovations are underestimating their budget and not reviewing regulations that may prohibit certain remodels. Once you have a clear plan of what you want done, you should check to make sure that it is truly feasible on your budget and in your situation. This prevents having to make last-minute changes to the plan and stressing out your contractor.

4. Some rooms take longer than others.

Sometimes homeowners forget the kind of commitment renovating kitchens or bathrooms takes. These rooms often consume most of the budget, time, and resources. Make sure you plan for this ahead and set up arrangements to live elsewhere during the renovation of these rooms, since it could really disrupt your day-to-day needs.

5. Communication is key.

For ultimate smooth-sailing renovations, clients should be in constant communication with contractors about changes, problems, and updates surrounding the renovations. This helps the contractor execute your specific plan and helps you, the homeowner, understand the process every step of the way. Be sure to include your contractor on all your plans for budgets, timelines, and ideas to see if they are possible, and how they can be possible.

Overall, contractors can make your job as a homeowner MUCH easier if you communicate with them consistently and openly, and treat them with respect. This list is just a general guide to help navigate the intricate process of home renovations, but your contractor sure will thank you if you follow this advice.

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